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Step into another world

November 24, 2015

When you think you’ve seen it all… slap yourself. Because there’s no same same there.

Another day is an other day.

Moon over matter

And you can walk on the moon.

Frozen grass

Or be frozen in the beauty of silence.

Snow job

Or washed anew in fresh fallen snow.


Bird’s eye view

November 16, 2015

A gifted photographer with some pretty cool gadgets came by last week.

Peter Stevens is his name.

He is a good friend to our current camp hosts Elizabeth Daniels and Jim Deaton.

Peter was also quite handy with a rake and native grass seed. Some Big Sherman Blue should be popping this spring thanks to his handy work.

Much appreciated Peter and see you soon! Now a Stevens-inspired moment of zen via Quadra copter:

Cottonwood Aerial Nov 2015-1



Cottonwood Aerial Nov 2015-16

Now let mind drift like river through canyon.

And make sure to join us for our New Year’s Day hike!



Big Horns Returneth

November 4, 2015

2015-11-04  2914  Look who’s looking. Our camp host Elizabeth Daniel had a pleasant surprise today on her way to Lone Tree Campground.

Big Horns were pretty interested in what was going on, taking a close look from a nearby hillside. Elizabeth’s point-and-shoot helped capture the story. The herd of about 10 hung out together for about three hours during the heat of the day.

2015-11-04  2923

2015-11-04  2915This young ram seemed a bit tired out. Visitors saw many in rut last week as the mating season is well underway.

2015-11-03  2871 This American Coot had the river to himself on Tuesday morning.

2015-11-03  2883

Bucks are also faring well here at Cottonwood. This healthy specimen was caught nibbling plants in the host site in day use early Tuesday morning. He forgot to make the coffee, though.

2015-11-04  2909This John Deere Tractor hub is one of the many little artifacts that bring a sense of wonder about the generations that came before us. This must weigh well over 100 pounds. It will likely be here for your next visit.

2015-11-04  2900And now, your moment of zen. Cottonwood awaits you.

Where’s Heron? Where’s Otter? Where’s Hazel?

October 23, 2015

Hawk Thanks to some funtastic photos by Volunteer Host Eric Braun – who brought you sheep in camp –  and camper Bevin Clapper, we are playing a little game of “Where’s Waldo” Cottonwood style.   But first, your moment of zen above… If a hawk flaps its wings and no one is there to see it, you should really get to Cottonwood!

snake chaser 2Hazel Hoover did a little where’s rattlesnake? last week

snake chaserNo luck, fortunately for her mom. Cold night temps have sent them into hiding.

HeronOk, now can you find the heron. It’s not in a van down by the river.

River OtterCan you find the otter? Ripple in still water, when there is no pebble thrown, no wind to blow.

valhallaLast, but not least, where are you? Could you be in  this place?

Bringing on the BIG HORN

October 22, 2015

863With the racket of basalt falling down cliffs, heads turned upward to the stark contrast of the skyline met with the stout outline of a big horn sheep. We had some special visitors on Wednesday. They were a bit reticent at first and then decided to take over just downriver of our group site. Campers got a nice view, to say the least.



Happy Anniversary Drew and Chelsie

October 12, 2015


Drew and Chelsie Messenger celebrated their first anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 11. The two were the first couple to be married at Cottonwood Canyon State Park. They had a gifted photographer as you can see above. We wish them another great year!

Cottonwood is a fantastic venue for weddings with access to two picnic shelters, camping and an historic ranch back drop. It is wild and unpredictable here like any true love should be. If you are interested, please call the park for more information and date availability. 1-541-394-0002

What’s the best work… Team Work: Oregon Natural Desert Association gets unwired at Cottonwood

October 5, 2015


Our many thanks go out to the Oregon Natural Desert Association which spent three days removing barbed wire at Hay Creek here at Cottonwood Canyon State Park. Volunteers took a few pokes as they wound the fencing up after removing it from T-posts so that wildlife can more easily move about in the area. What a huge help! Thank You!

To see more photos go to:

2015 Cottonwood S.P. fence mapping trip