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Value 7: Community Benefits

We value the way a park preserves our history, natural and scenic areas, and how outdoor recreation benefits a local community and its economy.

Benefits 7.1. Appropriate opportunities for communities to benefit from their relationship to the park will be provided.

Benefits 7.2. The park will serve as a source of wealth for visitors and the nearby community through park related activities.

Benefits 7.3. Take a long term approach to reducing carbon footprint

Action 7.1.1

Allows for community use of park facilities in the non use times with out extensive travel down into the canyons

Action 7.1.2

A neighbor or member of a nearby community can use Cottonwood like they would a typical local park.  The Cottonwood recreation areas provide shade for picnic areas, defined play areas, cooling areas and occasion swimming opportunities.

Action 7.2.1

Partner with Rural Development Initiatives, a non-profit, to assist nearby rural communities build capacity and transition their economies to benefit from rural tourism the park might bring.

Action 7.2.2

The park welcome center sells locally crafted goods and a summer weekend market showcases regional products

Action 7.2.3

Work with partners on a long term vision to build the Cottonwood Exploration Center.  A green building approach is follow with the installation of a photovoltaic system to provide electrical power to classrooms and exhibit spaces.

Action 7.3.1

Cottonwood Canyon State Park saves money and energy by installing solar panels on a maintenance building. When the system produces more energy than the building requires, it will feed electricity to the grid.

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