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Value 4: Cultural + Recreation Overlap

We value Oregon’s landscape and its natural, scenic and cultural attributes, and the sense of discovery and understanding that can be gained through experiencing it firsthand.

Benefits 4.1. The park will fit into the existing working landscape so visitors can experience the resilience of the land.

Benefits 4.2. Our reliance on the land and its ability to produce food, water and shelter will be celebrated.

Action 4.1.1

Set aside areas that showcase best practice grazing in the region, which also manage weed infestations.

Action 4.1.2

Concession ranching operation run by local family that has program for volunteers to learn about a working landscape.

Action 4.1.3

Visitors looking for authentic western experience are able to get horseback or cattle herding instruction from a local community member.

Action 4.2.1

The park allows subsistence hunting for seasonal game/upland birds This sport hunting for traditional species is within confined areas of the park.

Action 4.2.2

The park allows subsistence fishing for seasonal fish species.  This sport fishing for seasonal fish species is within confined areas of the park.

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  1. Bob Snee permalink
    October 27, 2010 5:39 pm

    Can you define “subsistence hunting” and “subsistence fishing” and what limitations, if any, on who will be allowed to sport hunt and fish on the areas confined by the park?

    • December 10, 2010 6:03 pm

      We won’t distinguish between different reasons for hunting and fishing. There will be safety and natural resource rules to support hunting and fishing, but your reasons are your business. Subsistence is mentioned because we want people to understand the connection between the land’s natural bounty and how we can rely on it for our own prosperity.

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