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How is this going to impact the local community?

OPRD is working hard to understand and respond to the community needs of Gilliam and Sherman Counties.  Changes in land use can raise concerns about a variety of issues: effects on property tax revenue, changes to the character of a community, burdens placed on essentials such as fire and emergency services.  We know these issues are vitally important to the community, and we’ll continue to work through them with the community members on our advisory committee.

We know that when you open a major, new park, being a good neighbor is as important as getting the recreation and resource management right, and we’re working closely with the people who live in the area and officials from county, city and federal agencies.

We’re also working with community business owners to integrate the park into a larger network of tourism and recreational experiences. Together, we will find ways to serve the local community as we show our visitors all the opportunities in the John Day River Territory.

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  1. Boyd Harris permalink
    June 20, 2013 9:31 pm

    Will there be any job opportunities for Condon people?

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