4 thoughts on “Starvation Lane Open!

  1. Hey there. Planning a float from cottonwood to starvation lane. Or cottonwood to McDonald’s crossing either way is there over night tent camping at starvation lane?

    1. Hello! Overnight camping is not permitted at the Starvation Lane parking lot/takeout. However, back county camping is permitted on park property. In the future, designated boater campsites will be built. Until then, we allow camping anywhere along the river, so long as you are at least 1 mile from the main campground area, and at least a quarter mile from the Starvation Lane takeout.

      Please remember, fires are not permitted at this time (including charcoal), and pack out whatever you bring in.

      Have a great float!

  2. have a Cottonwood cabin rented for two nights this week. Thinking to bring our canoe and floating from the cabin area down to Starvation Lane takeout. Wanting to make sure it is mild easy water for our canoe and wondering about using my bicycle to get from Starvation takeout back to the Park to pick up the car? How long a float is it generally with light paddling? Talked with John Day shuttle staff and they didn’t know much about the water condition.
    Thank you for your time
    Bill Link

    1. Hello Bill,

      The water is certainly easy enough to do that this time of year. For the most part, the water between Cottonwood and Starvation Lane is very calm.

      With light paddling, the trip generally takes around 4-5 hours (depending on river flow) so is easily done in a day.

      Ideally you would want a vehicle for shuttling, as there is no through access along the river between the campground and Starvation lane. Taking starvation lane would be the only access, and that is a long ride, though doable with proper planning.

      Also, a BLM boaters permit is required for river travel between Cottonwood campground and Starvation Lane. Additional information regarding permits can be found here: https://www.recreation.gov/permits/621745

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