John Day Boaters Permits Now Available

The following information has been provided by the BLM:

The first batch of permits to float the John Day River from May 1 – July 15 will be available on on March 4th at 7 am Pacific Time.

Helpful tips:

  • You can now view the John Day River information pages on It’s best to create a account ahead of time. Click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the screen.  
  • To get a permit, you will need to select an ‘Overnight Trip’ or a ‘Day-Use Trip’. This is a direct link to Overnight Permits. This is a direct link to Day-Use Permits.
  • You will need to select your Entry Segment. You can view a Segment Map here. 
  • Once you select your River Segment and Entry Date, you will have at least 15 minutes to complete your purchase.
  • Each person may hold up to 1 overnight permit and 3 day-use permits at one time. To get another permit, you will need to cancel a permit or run a trip.
  • Day use permits are plentiful, so there is no need to rush.
  • Have an alternate launch date in mind. 
  • If you are not successful at first, try back in a few minutes or later in the day. 
  • Canceled permits are not refundable; however, they are immediately returned to the inventory and become available for reservation. If you don’t need your permit, please cancel it on in the “My Reservations” section.
  • The second batch of permits will be released on May 1 at 7 am PT.

For suggestions on how to avoid the busiest days, please see page 2 of the flyer below.  For additional Booking Tips from, please see the attachment.

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