First Snow of the Year

Winter is here. With this most recent cold snap, we have gotten our first dusting of snow, and more is on the horizon.

Snow brings a whole new feel to the canyon. While not the best for snowmen and snowball fights, it does bring a crispness to the air and a new beauty to the landscape.

Planing to spend some time with us in the cold? Great! The campground at Cottonwood remains open all year, as does the restroom and shower building. While some water spigots are shut off, potable water remains available year-round.

Be sure to check Oregon Tripcheck before heading our for current travel conditions, and always dress for the weather.

3 thoughts on “First Snow of the Year

  1. I bet the snow looks beautiful on the canyon walls and hills! Are all 4 cabins still open for the winter or do you close a couple of them down? Thanks for the updates.

    1. Yes, all 4 cabins stay open and are available for reservations. Just be sure to check the weather and road conditions before leaving.

  2. Photos?


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