Hiker/Biker Rates Going Away

Many Oregon State Parks offer options for hike in/bike in campers in the form of a hiker/biker camp. Typically these sites are designated for those who have hiked or bicycled into the park and are available at a reduced rate. Rates vary throughout the state, but typically fall within the $7/person/night range.

Cottonwood Canyon offered 7 of these sites for $7/person/night. As of today, these sites will be opened up to all campers for a rate of $10/night.

Why the change? Over the years, we have noticed two things. Firstly, not very many people actually hike into the park to camp. Secondly, those that do hike or bike into the park travel in pairs (or more). By opening up these sites to everyone, we are able to provide a better camping experience to those who want a more rustic style of camping. This also allows groups of hiker/bikers to register one site instead of registering multiple people.

Sites in this area have the basic necessities. A camping pad to set up a tent under the stars, nearby potable water (during the summer season), a nearby restroom, and a group fire ring. Vehicle parking is available within 100′ of the campsite.

For those looking for a little more adventure, back country camping is free! Contact the park for details. Other camping options at Cottonwood can be found on our camping page.

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