Hunting and You

Just a short week away marks the buck opener at Cottonwood Canyon. Nothing quite beats waking up before dawn and getting to that perfect hunting spot among the sage brush.

With almost 17,000 acres, Cottonwood has a lot of room to roam, but remember, you’re not alone!

With minimal public hunting opportunities in the East and West Biggs Unit (two of the hunting units within Cottonwood Canyon) many hunters are drawn to the park. You will never be too far from other people. Always keep safety in mind while hunting, wearing hunter orange is highly encouraged.

As with any Oregon State Park, people come to enjoy many different activities. Hunters should be aware of users who may be in the park engaged in other activities. Other park users should also be aware of hunting activity within the park and plan accordingly.

Where to hunt is a common question. Always be aware of your location. While hunting is welcomed within the park boundaries; crossing onto private property to hunt is not allowed without landowner permission. Paper maps are available at park headquarters and can be also be viewed here. For those planing to use digital mapping software (such as onX), be prepared by per-downloading your intended hunting area. There is no cell service within Cottonwood Canyon State Park.

Within the park boundary, hunting is allowed outside of developed areas. Hunting areas begin approximately 1 mile from most trailheads, marked by signs stating “Hunting permitted beyond this point.” Hunting is not permitted within the campground area, park headquarters, the end of Starvation Lane parking lot, or Starvation Ranch. Never shoot toward a developed area, property, or people.

Planning to camp at the park? We have options. While camping is not permitted in most parking lots, Cottonwood has a number of areas for rent as well as back country camping opportunities. Check out our “know before you go section.”

Have any issues during your time? Contact park staff with questions or concerns. Fish and game violations should be directed to Oregon State Police.

9 thoughts on “Hunting and You

    1. It sure is! Hunting is allowed at Cottonwood Canyon outside of the developed park areas in accordance with ODFW rules.

      From any trailhead at Cottonwood hunting is permitted approximately 1 mile out. You just need to get past the signs labeled “hunting permitted beyond this sign.”

      1. Wow, lots of info at the link you shared. I have a hard time figuring out Oregon’s unit and seasons, but is deer season in unit 144 which would include Cottonwood Canyon open for center Fire firearms from 9/28 to 10/09 so I can let my guard down now?

      2. Cottonwood Canyon covers the east and west biggs unit (144). Deer season is done for the year, but throughout the winter you may still see folks hunting bighorn sheep, elk, and upland game. There are certainly a lot of opportunities for hunting within the park throughout the fall and winter.

        If you are concerned about hunters within the park, we see some hikers wearing hunter orange, just to be extra safe.

    1. While hunting is allowed in the park in accordance with ODFW guidelines, target shooting is not permitted.

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