Construction update

Working toward a Sept. 25 opening, contractors and park crews are making steady progress on the few facilities that need to be added near the park entrance. The interior of the park will be trails (usually by re-using the old jeep roads), but there will be a picnic area, welcome station, water and a small primitive campground closer to the highway.

Couple of photos from last week …

Maintenance building slab pour and framing prepped:


Picnic shelter beams set and trusses started:




4 thoughts on “Construction update

  1. I would like to use one of the designated horse camps this fall. Can you tell me which one would be developed with water?

    Lydia Hemsley

    1. The only campground due to be finished in Phase I (by the opening in September this year), is the small primitive camp on the north bank. That campground will serve tents and self-contained RVs. The park plan does call for a horse campground on the south bank, near the JS Burres entry, but development of Phase II hasn’t been funded or scheduled yet. The horse trail on the south bank will be open in September, though.

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