Construction update

We’re part way through the wildflower bloom, and the landscape at Cottonwood is a mix of sage green and tan with little pops of ground-hugging yellow, purple and white flowers. And orange construction fences. Contractors are trenching and installing pipes and conduits for the water, sewer and electrical systems. They’re also working on the interior roads (most of the main road has been paved). While most of the trails into the heart of the park are just re-used jeep roads, there are some new paths in this small, developed part of the park, and they’re nearly finished with those, too.

A large number of riverside plants are in the ground, and park manager Tom Peterson reports they are doing well so far thanks to regular watering.

IMG_0651 P3230063 P3230114 IMG_0646

You can see the original barn in the last pic … it will be one of the main day-use features of the developed part of the park.

4 thoughts on “Construction update

  1. The picture you are using in your brochure showing Sherman County wind turbines with the mountain in the background is not Mt. Hood it is Mt. Adams! John Hilderbrand, Wasco, Or

  2. This was my families property and I am so excited to see that the old barn will still be there. I can’t wait to see this place again.

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