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Cool time-lapse Cottonwood painting

May 10, 2013

Check it out … nifty time-lapse of a watercolor painting provided by architectural firm Hennebery Eddy’s Dawn Carlton:

Brand voting has closed!

April 18, 2013

We’re reviewing the results and will announce the main brand symbol soon. This will be used as an icon for the park, along with other art. We had 535 votes. Thanks for the help.

Construction update

April 12, 2013

We’re part way through the wildflower bloom, and the landscape at Cottonwood is a mix of sage green and tan with little pops of ground-hugging yellow, purple and white flowers. And orange construction fences. Contractors are trenching and installing pipes and conduits for the water, sewer and electrical systems. They’re also working on the interior roads (most of the main road has been paved). While most of the trails into the heart of the park are just re-used jeep roads, there are some new paths in this small, developed part of the park, and they’re nearly finished with those, too.

A large number of riverside plants are in the ground, and park manager Tom Peterson reports they are doing well so far thanks to regular watering.

IMG_0651 P3230063 P3230114 IMG_0646

You can see the original barn in the last pic … it will be one of the main day-use features of the developed part of the park.

Vote for a brand!

March 22, 2013

This is ranching country, so shouldn’t Cottonwood have it’s own brand? Sure. And we know just who can help us make it happen … the kids who live around the park. We asked the nearby schools to unleash their creativity and send us some ideas, and “some” turned into 87 pieces of art. We’ve narrowed it down to the top dozen ideas, and now turn it over to you … which do you like the best? We’ll use it on signs, displays and in other ways. Many of these will find use in the park in one way or another, but the top design will represent Cottonwood Canyon to the world.

Vote for a Cottonwood brand

Vote for a Cottonwood brand

Construction update

March 21, 2013

We’re making progress on the main entrance road (it will pass beneath Highway 206, re-using an existing road). It needs to be widened and improved a bit to handle the kinds of vehicles park visitors typically drive.

We’re working toward a Fall 2013 opening. When the park debuts, it will feature trails and a picnic area. More details on that in a bit. The JS Burres parking area and raft take-out is on the opposite side of the river from the main park entrance and will remain open as we work on the park.

Here are a couple of recent photos showing the road work, barn roofing and fresh native vegetation we’re planting to improve the riverside areas.

Fresh native veg

Fresh native veg

The main park area

The main park area

Road work

Road work

Progress at the park

July 5, 2012

Well, sorry for the big delay in posting an update here. The park has been moving successfully through local land use planning, and we’re now working on agreements with the counties to cover technical things like communications and emergency response.

On the practical side, we’re getting ready to award a contract for work on the main park entrance road off the highway. If you buzz past the park, you’ll see big equipment around the south side of the park (off Highway 206). Roughing in the entrance road is the first step in construction, and we plan to open this park in Autumn 2013. As work picks up, we’ll post photos here and start to talk about the basic park services you can expect to see on opening.

Cottonwood Canyon State Park plan moving forward

July 14, 2011

The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission approved the  final draft plan for Cottonwood Canyon State Park in July 20, 2011. Here’s the file:

Here’s where we are in the guesstimated timeline for next steps:

  1. April 25 – May 5 >>  Last Round Public Meetings DONE
  2. May 26 >> Comment Period Closed DONE
  3. July 20 >> Final Draft Submitted for Commission Review
  4. Fall 2011 >> Land Use Approval Process
  5. Fall 2011 >> Environmental Assessment work with BLM initiated
  6. Spring – Summer 2012 >> Construction
  7. Park Opening >> September 2013

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